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Introducing the ultimate companion for creative cyclists and content creators – our all-in-one kit! Designed to elevate your adventures and capture unforgettable moments, this kit is a must-have for those seeking to combine their love for cycling with their passion for creative expression.

What's included?

1x Project M23 Waterproof Field Bag ($99 value)
1x Project C40 Camera Block ($49 value)
1x Project SF1 Soft Flask ($19 value)
1x Project H5 5-Panel Hat (39$ value)

Save $67 with the purchase of the kit compared to the price of the individual products. Hurry up, the kits available are limited.


  • Dimensions: 25cm H x 28cm W x 9cm D ( 9.8" H x 11" W x 3.5" D) rolled down
  • Capacity: 5L/8L (rolled down/rolled up)
  • Weight: 250g
  • Material: AWPE™ 600 (All Weather Performance Ecofabric)

What's included

  • 1x M23 Waterproof Field Bag

  • 2x Velcro adjustable straps
  • 1x Adjustable shoulder strap equipped with clash hooks
  • 1x Elastic rope

Key Features

  • RF-welded seams for lasting integrity

  • Waterproof on both side (internal/external)
  • Multi-function (handlebar bag, shoulder bag, cooler bag)
  • Internal multi-compartment pocket
  • Front and back attachment loops
  • Roll-top closure 
  • Magnetic closure
  • 2x lateral D rings


  • Dimensions: 25cm x 20cm x 8.5cm (9.8" x 7.9" x 3.3")
  • External material: water resistant RPET fabric (recycled PET)
  • Weight: 190g
Key Features
  • Fits in the M23 Waterproof Field Bag
  • 3 padded dividers, allowing you to size compartments based on devices.
  • Suitable for carrying a full frame camera, two lenses and other accessories.
  • High quality water repellent zippers for maximum protection



  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Weight: 45g
  • Material: BPA Free TPU



  • Size: One size
  • Weight: 120g
  • Material: Water resistant recycled nylon
  • We ship worldwide with tracking number and dispatch your order in the next 24 hours.

  • Expected delivery time:

    USA: 2-4 business days

    International: 8-12 business days

  • The shipping cost is $7.95.
    Shipping is free if your order exceeds $125.

  • ZERO RISK GUARANTEE: If you don't like the product, you have 15 days to return it for a full refund.

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Why should I use a waterproof bag?


Why should I use waterproof bags?

Each year, countless incidents of water damage to personal belongings are reported.

From electronic devices to important documents, water can wreak havoc and lead to costly repairs or irreparable loss.

By investing in a waterproof bag, you significantly reduce the risk of water infiltration and protect your items from potential damage.  

Field Testimonials

I love the portability and versatility of this bag. Roll-top is easy to get into and close. I can carry a lot of stuff, even my camera.

Sean F.

It feels better to ride without weights on. The inside pocket is very useful for keeping small items safe.

Mike C.

The military-inspired design is very cool. The bag is light and the material is excellent.

Jim F.

Benefits of the Kit


100% waterproof to keep your gear safe even if submerged

The centerpiece of this kit is our premium M23 Waterproof Field Bag. Crafted with durability in mind, it provides ample storage space for all your essentials while keeping them safe and dry, no matter the weather conditions.

RF welding technology guarantees complete waterproofness, even if submerged.


Functional and modular 

We've also included a specially designed camera block insert to protect your precious gear.

Whether you're a professional photographer or an aspiring vlogger, this insert ensures that your camera and accessories remain secure and well-padded during your rides. 


Make an impact on the environment

The C40 Camera Block is crafted from recycled PET for a water-resistant, lightweight design. Slide it into your M23 Field Bag  and you'll be prepared for any surprise photography opportunity life throws your way. 

Bring with you all the essentials. There is enough space for a full frame camera, two lenses, and various accessories.

Plastic exchange

Extreme versatility

The Creative Cyclist Kt  can be used as a handlebar bag, a shoulder bag or even a cooler bag thanks to the internal waterproofing layer. 

Lightweight and portability make it a functional bag for everyday use.


Constructed with AWPE™600 (All Weather Performance Ecofabric)

We have developed an innovative fabric that is waterproof, scratch resistant, easy to clean, sustainable and performs even at very low temperatures.

Seamless high-frequency welding ensures impenetrability and durability. 


Stay hydrated, use less plastic

The Soft Flask SF1 has a capacity of 500ml and is ultra compact, portable and foldable.

It allows you to stay hydrated while using fewer single-use plastic bottles.

The removable cap also allows you to insert ice if needed.

H5 hat

Protect your head from sun and rain

Made with recycled nylon, the H5 5-panel hat is an eco-friendly option that is also water resistant, making it perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor adventures.

The lightweight and comfortable design ensures that you can wear it all day without any discomfort. The five-panel construction gives it a sleek, modern look that is sure to turn heads.

Plastic exchange

Make an impact on the environment

Your purchase directly contribute to recycle more plastic and clean the oceans.

We use recycled plastic bottles for our main fabric and collaborate with the Plastic Exchange association in Bali, which promotes the circular economy.

Together with our customers we already  contributed to recycle  8.000 Kg of plastic and donate 4,000 Kg of rice.


Frequently Asked Questions

To help with your order
  1. When will I receive the kit?
    The crowdfunding campaign has now concluded and we can ship your order with dispatch in 24 hours and delivery in 2-4 days (US) and 10-14 days (international).
  2. Why should I trust you?
    We have already launched two successful campaigns, raising over $500,000 and sending over 6,000 backpacks (learn more here) to outdoor and functional gear enthusiasts who believed in us.

    Now you too can be part of our community and projects without having to wait a long time to receive your bag.

    We also offer you a zero risk guarantee.

    If you don't like the product and you have 15 days to return it.

    You can check the results and testimonials of our first project here.

    We also offer you a one-year warranty. If your product has any problem, we will help you fix it, send replacement parts, or replace it.
  3. What countries do you ship to?
    We offer worldwide tracked shipping.

A Few Words From The Founder

The idea of this brand was born in Bali, a place that naturally stimulate adventure and the pleasure of discovery.

Why did I launch the Expedition / Units and why should you want to be part of this world?

There are 3 main reasons:

  1. Creating gear with an innovative and highly functional design for the most demanding outdoor activities, but at the same time perfect for use in the city and in everyday life.

  2. Empowering the community of people who see life as an adventure, daily growth and discovery.  Not shy to pursue their individual path in life, no matter how off-the-beaten-track.
    This is for all the adventurers, explorers, travelers and digital nomads.

  3. Reducing single-use plastic bottle pollution and bringing about real change in the world. By using recycled and environmentally sustainable materials and supporting the people who strive day after day to rid our planet of plastics and educate the younger generations to protect the environment. 

If the above resonates with you, consider giving our products a try and becoming part of our collective journey.