Expedition / Units was born in Bali, an incredible place that stimulate adventure, pleasure of discovery, and love for the outdoors and nature.

We want to help all people who love the outdoors with high quality, functional, simple and sustainable products.

I personally think that outdoor life, especially today, is becoming not only a passion, but a need for everyone.

Outdoor is the place where everyone can find freedom, can find their own unbeaten path in life.

At the same time I like the idea of ​​producing cool products, with an excellent design, which are not relegated to technical use, but which can be used in all circumstances, even in the city and in everyday activities.

Join us and be part of the community we are building. A community of free people who live life as a journey, a daily discovery.

Matteo M.


The first crowdfunding campaign

PROJECT 46-012
$200.000+ raised

Our first product launch in 2021 was a success.

We have delivered backpacks to over 2,500 adventurers all over the world, in 15 countries.

The new project


The new crowdfunding campaign is live (Pre-order here).

We designed the ultimate waterptoof backpack, improving on the previous model.

A focus on sustainability and the mission of cleaning the environment from plastic.

What was your biggest adventure?

Mine was a trip from Europe to Mongolia with an old Fiat Panda and two friends.
A crazy journey of 30.000Km in 30 days.

Feel free to reach us directly through the official Instagram page of Expedition / Units.

We are happy to hear your stories and you may have the opportunity to tell them on our blog, one of our next projects.