Exclusive one-year membership that includes:

PRIVATE RESEARCH GROUP: you will be able to contribute to new products development and network with like-minded people. 

FOUNDER ACCESS: 1 online meeting or live consultation in Bali ($500 Value) with Matteo, founder of Expedition / Units.

You will be able to learn valuable skills and strategies to grow your online business.

If you are interested in e-commerce, crowdfunding, product design and launch, content creation and paid advertising, this is a unique opportunity.

50$ GIFT CARD: to give as a gift or to use on our online store.

EARLY ACCESS: Privileged access to new products, discounts and offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is this membership for?
    This is for you if:

    ✔️ You are a gear and outdoor enthusiast, a content creator, a business owner.

    ✔️ You would like to launch your own product or business online or you are looking for business partnerships.

    ✔️ You would like to learn how to do e-commerce, how to launch a product, how to develop and design a product, how crowdfunding works, content creation, marketing, social networks, paid advertising, monetization.

    ✔️ You want to have direct access to the founder of the brand
  2. Why rely on Matteo?
    He has launched several online businesses in the last 5 years, specifically e-commerce of physical and digital products.

    His training in film and photography can help you not only in online business but also in content creation, creative strategy and branding.

     In addition to running his own business, he also consults and helps both beginners and established businesses to succeed online.

    Several of his clients have businesses that have generated over 7 figures online.
  3. How do i get started?
    Once the purchase is complete, you will be able to immediately book the first of the two online meetings with Matteo, through the Zoom platform.

    If you are in Bali you can also organize a meeting in person.

    You will also receive access to the private group and your gift card.