My name is Matteo and I am the founder of Expedition / Units.

The idea of Expedition / Units brand was born in Bali, an incredible place that stimulate adventure, the pleasure of discovery, and in which I spent a lot of time recently.

My idea is to help all people who love the outdoors with high quality, functional, simple and sustainable products.
I think that outdoor life, especially today, is becoming not only a passion, but a need for everyone.

At the same time I like the idea of ​​producing cool products, with an excellent design, which are not relegated to technical use, but which can be used in all circumstances, even in the city and in everyday activities.

You can help us be part of the community we are building.
A community of free people who live life as a journey, a daily discovery.

We are crowfunding our first project, a unique 25 liters waterproof backpack, built with 840D ballistic nylon.
A simple, versatile, no-frills backpack that can be used in any activity and protects your items from water.

By the way, what was your biggest adventure?
Mine was a trip from Europe to Mongolia with a Fiat Panda and two friends.

Feel free to reach me directly through the official Instagram page of Expedition / Units and share your feedback on the brand and experience.

If you haven't done so yet, I also want to invite you to our private research group where you can share your adventure stories, contribute to the development of our products.

See you soon,